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Related post: Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 06:55:48 +0000 From: SEE PAM20 Subject: Pam part 16 (incest)I hope everybody well enjoy this one. Pam Part 16 I run in the house as fast as i could before some body seen how wet my jeans where' And then i run in to my bedroom and got me some clean jeans and a white top and then i picked me out some yellow panties with red around the waist band and my yellow socks. They where really cute' I have not put them on in a long time' As i was coming out of my bed room' Aunt betty was just walking in the door' And she said again' Take your bath before the ass hole gets home! And i thought' She still must be mad at my uncle to say that. But then again' she was all ways mad at him. He really wasn't home to much at all any more. When he did come home' he usually leaves. I kicked of my shoes and run in to the bathroom and started 16 years nudes to take my wet pee jeans off.After i got my jeans off' I took my top off' And then i looked at myself in the mirror and teen year fuck started to pull my wet panties up as tight as i could' I don't know what made me do that' I guess i wanted to feel my wet panties up tight against my pussy. And then as i was pulling them up 14-15 year naked girls as tight as i could' My aunt betty walks by and said' Shut the dam door when you go in to the bathroom!! And then she looked at me and said' What the hell are you doing! I just looked at her and said in a whining voice' no...thing. And then she just stood there and looked at me for a second up and down' There i was standing 5 years old nude there only in my wet panties' pulling them up tight against my pussy.And then i looked at her face and i knew that look. And then i said in a whining voice as i had both hands on each side of my panties pulling them up' I have to pee again aunt betty. She just stood there for a second with her mouth open' 16 year porno And then she walked over to be and 16 year gay cock put her hand on my bottom and started rubbing my ass crack up and down all the way to my pussy through my wet pee panties.And then she said as she kept rubbing me' Oh! pam! Why do you do this to me! I thought' I did not to nothing. And then she moved her hand away real fast and said' No!! He is going to be here any minute! Now pam! take a bath now! And then she run out of the bathroom real fast and shut the door.I thought' I almost got my aunt betty to get me off again. I was feeling horny again to. So then i sit on the toilet with my wet panties on and started peeing through them as i was rub my pussy while i pee. Then i thought' I need to touch my aunt betty one more time before i take my bath. I was feeling really horny' I don't know what come over me all of a sudden. But i knew i had to get my fingers in aunt betty pussy one more time before my uncle came home. And then i thought' I know what i will do' With that i got up and open the door and yelled' Aunt betty!! come here fast!! And then i run back to the toilet and sit back down and lean back and open up my legs. Aunt betty came running back in the bathroom and said" What!! And then i said in a whining voice' I need my mommy here' And then aunt betty said' Pam!! You are not going to start this shit with me again!And then she looked at me and said' What is it!! Then i started getting scared for real this time' because aunt betty was getting really mad. I said in a whining voice' Aunt betty' I am sorry. And then she said" You called me in here to tell me! I am sorry!! Now what is it you wanted! I said scared like' Aunt betty...I...wanted....I don't know.She just stood there at the door and said' Pam! I know what you want! But i told you he will be home any minute! Pam what is it you don't understand!! I looked at her and said' I am sorry. And then she left and shut the door. I guess my aunt betty knows me by now. I guess she knows when i want to me touched. I thought' Well' I well touch her later when he leave' If he leaves.Well i just went ahead and took my bath' I was in there for a long time until my aunt betty open the door and said' Pam! hurry up and get out of the tub! You been in there forever! I said' ok aunt betty. And then aunt betty grab my dirty cloths and left and shut the door.Then i started to get out and dry off. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror again completely nude.I thought to myself' I can not wait until my little tities start to grow bigger. Then i pushed my shoulders in to make them look bigger and then i stared at myself. And then i thought' I look like i am growing more hair down between my legs. I don't know why' but it looks like it is starting to get a little thicker. I mean i was still only twelve year old.Well i thought' I better get dressed before aunt betty opens the door again and yells at me. So 15years movies tgp i put my cute little yellow panties on with red around the waist band. And then i pull my top on' And then i sit down on the toilet to put my socks on. About that time aunt betty opens the door again and said' 13 years old tgp Pam! Your dinner is getting cold! hurry up! And your mom called while you was in the tub' And said she well pick you up around eight!Then i stood up to put my jean on and aunt betty stared at me for a second before she shut the door. I think aunt betty was feeling horny again' I wanted to touch her so bad.Well i walked in to the kitchen and my uncle was sitting on the sofa watching t.v. He asked me how everything was going and how was school while i eat really fast. I did not see aunt betty' I guess she was in the bed room. I guess him and aunt betty really did not talk to much.And then after i got nude pussy 30 years done eating' I asked my uncle this time if i can go over to my friends house' And he said' Well' don't forget your mom well be here at eight' I said' Ok' I won't.So i put my shoes on real fast and headed out the door' I was going to see angie this time' I felt bad about not asking her if she wanted to go to the park with us' But i wanted to touch my aunt betty again.As i got almost to her house' I seen angie out in the yard playing' She was sitting on the grass playing with a doll house' She looked so cute' She had on a cut off blue jeans and yellow top with strings around the top that went around to her nick. Angie really did not have any boobs yet' But i did notices that i could see her 14 year teen fuck nipples poking out through her yellow top. As i got closer to angie' she jump up and said with a smile' Hi pam' Do you want to play with me' I said' sure. I said' What are you playing' She said' Oh! I am just playing house. I notices she had a real nice doll house' It was a pretty big one to' I wished i had one like that' She had like four babie dolls and two kent dolls. And some met-art 16 years old more dolls that i don't remember what they where. But one of them had black hair and one had red hair.So i sit down with her and started playing. She let me be one of the babies dolls to' So we play like we where twins' And we kept playing like we where tricking ken.After awhile virgins 15 years nudes her mom popped her head out the door and said' Angie! Its starting to get dark' It about time to come in' the mosquito well start to bite you. And then angie said' Pam! you want to help me carry all of this in and we can play in my bed room. I said' Sure! So we both pick up the doll house and took it to her room. I notices she had a lot of dolls and tidy bears all over her room' I mean' I thought i had a lot of dolls in my room at my house' But she really had me beat. And then i said' What time 13 year girls porn is it' And she run in to the liven room and run back out and said' Six O'clock' I said' I can't stay to long' My girls 15 years nude mommy is picking me up childfuck 12 years at eight' And she said' You still call your mom' mommy' I looked at her and said' Sometime' And she said' Me to! Nicole at school says' I am big baby' because i call my mom' mommy. And then i said' Well' Nicole is probable the big baby. And then she said' Well lets play some more! I said' Ok! And then we started playing again' And this time we acted like i was in the doll house kissing ken and she come in and caught us.We where having all kinds of fun' And then i took two of the girl dolls and started make them kiss' And angie said' Girls are not suppose to kiss. And i said' Why not" And she said' I don't know. And then i said' Do you know how to kiss' And angie said' No' And then i said' You never kissed before' Ands then angie said' My mommy said i can't have a boyfriend until i am sixteen. And i said' Why' And she said' I don't know' And then i said' Do you know how to kiss a boy' And angie said' No! I think that is gross! And then i said' I think that is gross to! And then i said with out even thinking' You think kissing a girl is gross' And angie looked at me and said' Your not supposed to kiss girls' And i said' Why do you say that' And angie said' Because my mommy said your not suppose to' And then i said' Why does your mommy say that' And angie said' Because one time at the shopping mall we seen two girls kissing and mommy said that is not right' And told nude 16-years teens me never to grow up like that' And then i said' Well' What if you grow up and you want to kiss a girl. And angie said' I don't know' And then angie went on to say' My cousin maria and i used to play husband and wife' Sometimes she would play the husband and i would play the wife' But don't tell my mommy this' And then i said' I am not going to tell her! And then angie went on to say' And she would kiss me when she played like she got of work. And then i said' Did she kiss you on the mouth! And then angie looked around at the bedroom door and said' yesss! And then i said' Did you like that game' And angie looked around again and said' yes' it was fun. And then i said' maybe we can play husband and wife' And angie said' ok' And then angie stood nude 12year old girl up real fast and went to shut the door' I notices as i watched her get up' That she was all exited about it. And then she went and stood by the bed and said' Do you want to be the husband' I said' Ok! And then she said' Well' little pussy 14 years Go in the closet and play like you are just coming home and i well play like i am fixing dinner' and i don't have it done yet' 14 years gay pic and you are mad! And i said 'Am i suppose to give you a kiss when i get home' And she said' If you like.I thought as i was walking in the closet' This is my whole ideal about playing this dumb game' I don't know why' But i wanted to kiss her real bad' She was really cute and she had the longest legs to. I could tell when she grows all the way up that she is going to be a tall girl.Well i walked out of the closest and said' I am home' And she said as she was playing like she was doing something with her hands' I am fixing dinner' I walked up to the side of her and she turn to me and i kissed her on the lips real fast' Mostly because when she kissed me back' she pulled away real fast and said' I am hurry with dinner'I fucking 16 year picture really did not know what to say' So i just said' Well hurry up! Are i might have to spank you' And she said' No my husband' don't spank me! And then i thought to myself' Maybe I should porn pics 16 year take her and bent her over my lap and see what she does. And then i 16 years girl fuck said' Your not fast enough fixing dinner' so i think i well spank you' And then i sit down on the side of the bed and said' Now bent over! And i was surprise that she bent over across my lap. I just looked at her little butt before i started to spank her' Her cut off jeans where not really short' so i could not see her butt checks. I slowly started to spank her and she said' Oh! don't spank me to hard my husband! After i spank her a few times' I left my hand on her butt and kept it still' She got quiet and she just laid there. I thought to myself' I wonder how far i can go with her. Then i stated to move my hand around real slow' She still did not say nothing' Then i started to run my finger up and down the crack of her tight little butt cheeks real slow.I don't know what was wrong with me' I don't know why i was not scared about touching her so teens 14 year pics fast like this' And then she started to jump up real fast and then about that time her mother open the door and said' Angie its about time for dinner' And then her mom looked at me and said' You can stay for dinner if you like' I said' No think you' my mommy is picking me up in a bit. And angie mom said' Ok. And then she left. I thought' Wow! We oh most got caught' And then i thought' Angie must know her moms noises when she start to walk down the hall way to the bed room.And then i looked at angie and she had this strange look on her face' like she did not know what to say about me rubbing her butt crack up and down' And then i started to feel a little uncomfortable about it' So i said' Well i guess i better get back over to my aunt betty house' My mommy is going to pick me up in a bit' And then angie said' You want to come over tomorrow after school and play' I said' If my mommy lets me' I thought to myself before i said it' I know i can come over if i want to' But i think i might go over and see mandy's mom and see if i can get her to show me how to masturbate' witch i all ready know' And then i said' Well i better get going. Angie said' Ok' I hope you teen 15 years naked can come over tomorrow' I said' I well try.And then angie walked me to the door' I said by again and so did angie. As i was walking home i saw mandy walking with two of her friends' I said' Hi mandy! She looked at me and said' Hi. And then giggle something to one of her friends. I thought to myself' What a bitch! She acts like i don't exist when she is with her friends. I sex girl 16 years just kept on walking like it did not bother me' but it did' I felt like i wanted to cry. Mandy was suppose to be my best friend' But i was two years younger then she was' But still it was not right her acting like i did not exist when she 15 year old incest was around her friends.When i got back over to my sixteen year old topless aunt betty house' I notice that my uncle was gone again' Like i said before' He was always gone' I walked in the house and looked around for aunt betty' I did not see her no where' So i walked in to her bedroom and there she was taking a nip' She was underneath the covers this time sleeping on her side. I think she took a bath before she want to bed' because it looked like her hair was still wet' I could not tell what she was wearing because she was underneath the covers'I look at the clock that sex 13years jpg was on the dresser 12 year teens pic and i notices that it was about seven o'clock. Then i walked over to the side aunt betty was on and said in a low voice' Are you a sleep aunt betty' She looked up at me and said' I am not now! I said' Sorry aunt betty. And then she turn over on her back and stretch out a little and said while she was doing it' What did you want! I said in a sacred voice' I don't know' And i 8 years porn girls notices while she was stretching out that she had put her low cut yellow night gown on. She then look up at me and said' What time is it? I said' About seven o'clock' And then she said' Your mom should be here at eight' right? I said' Yes' around that time. And then i started staring down at her big breast' I could see her big nipples pocking up from the thin night grown that she had on' Her big breast where sagging to the sides a little while she laid on her back' I wanted to reach down and touch them.And then i look at aunt betty eyes and i could tell she had that lustful look in them. sexpics 16 years girl I know that look by now from my aunt betty' So i reached down inside of her nightgown and started to feel one of her breast. It felt so hot and her nipple was so hard' I started to roll it around with my finger tips. And then aunt betty said' Oh that feel so good' And then she said' Pam did you lock the front door.My hand stop and i thought" oh no! She is going to yell at me again. I just looked down at her and she said' go! check it!And then i run out of the bed room in to the living room to lock it' on my why back i kicked of my shoes. And when i got back to the bedroom aunt betty said' You did not lock it did you? I said in a whining voice' 13 years old sluts no. And aunt betty said as i was walking back to her side of the bed' Pam' please start trying to remember to lock the font door' ok! I nudeist 14 year old said ok. And then aunt betty lifted the covers and said' why don't you lay down next to me.So i started to crawl in bed with her' And as i was' She was holding up the covers and turning on her side facing me. 14 year old tgp After i got in bed with her she scooted real close to me and put her arm around me and started to play with my hair and said' Oh pam' I don't 16 year girls pic know what i well do if i did not have you. While she was saying that' I started to run my hand down to the inside of her back of her panties to her butt crack' Her butt crack felt so nice and warm. And then she turn her 14year teen porn head around and looked at the clock 10-14 year porn pic and said' Oh! pam! your mom is going to be here soon. I said' She not coming until eight. And then aunt betty looked around again and said' Its almost seven fifteen. And then i said' We can hurry' And then aunt betty said' Ok' make sure you wash your hands really good after we get done.With that i started to scoot down and aunt betty said no as she grab me tight' And then she said' Lets just use are fingers really fast. With that i started to run my hand around to the front side of the inside of her panties and i stuck my fingers deep inside of her pussy hole' she was already wet to' And hot inside! She let out a real load moan. And then i felt her hand reach down and start to unbutton my jeans and then i felt her sixteen years old porno hand slip in to my panties and then i felt her fingers start to rub my little clit' Oh! it felt so good! As soon as she started to do that' I felt like i could cum any minute. My aunt betty knows where to nude teen 15 year touch me to get me off really fast. And that's what she was doing!I still had my fingers in her going japanese nudes 16 years in and out' And aunt betty was moaning and she started to rock back and forth with my fingers in her. And then aunt betty started to kiss me on the mouth and then i felt her tongue go in to my mouth and she was trying to push her tongue deep down inside my mouth as far as she could go with it. She was moaning with her tongue deep inside my mouth. 14year girls sex pussy And then she started to rock back and forth to my fingers while she rub my little clit like crazy. And then i felt a sensation go through my body' I was starting to cum and i think aunt betty was to!I felt her get wetter and wetter and then she started to shake and she pushed her pelvis hard in to me and held herself like that. And then she stop kissing me and held me close while i felt her tremble. And then i was cumming at the same time!My body tighten up and aunt betty was rubbing my clit so fast that i started to pull my knees in and started pushing my body in to her. And then it was all over with in a few minutes. I thought' wow! what a cum 14 year girls fucked i had.And then aunt betty held me close and rolled me over on top of her and she looked in to my eyes and said' oh pam' I love you' And she continue to say' I don't know what i would do if i did not have you here with me. I said' I love you do aunt betty. And then aunt betty stated kissing me on the lollita 14 year old mouth again. I felt her tongue go in to my mouth again' and she was moving it all around. And then after she got done tonguing my mouth all around she said' pam' Go and wash your hands really good before your mom gets here' 12 years girls anal ok sweetie. I said ok as i was button up my jeans and getting up out of the bed.I went to the bathroom and thought' Wow! aunt betty is really being nice again. Before i washed my hands i had to pee' So i unbutton my jeans again and pulled down my jeans alone with my panties and started to pee' But i put my hand between my legs and peed all over my hand' Then virgin 14 years sex i put it to my mouth and tasted my pee again' I don't know why i do that' But it seem i do it more and more.After i got all done' I washed my hands' I went back in to aunt betty's bedroom and sit down on the side of the bed and aunt betty said' Are you coming over after school tomorrow' I said' Yes' But i am going over to mandy's tomorrow to. And then aunt betty said' I think your mom starts working day shift tomorrow. I said' yes' she did mention it to me. And 20 year old brunette then all of a sudden there was a knock on the door. And then aunt betty said' That must be your mom' See! she is early' that's why i want you to lock the door! I said' Ok' aunt betty' I won't forget next time. And then i said' Well i guess i well go' I well see you tomorrow. And then Aunt betty said' Ok sweetie. And then as i was getting up to leave' Aunt betty said' Can you gave me a kiss before you leave' I said' ok. So i bent down to kiss her and her arm went around my nick and she gave me a passionit kiss and i felt her tongue go in to my mouth again. After it was over with and i was walking out the bedroom door' aunt betty said' I love you. I just turn and said' I love you to.I went and unlocked the door and my mommy said' Why is the door locked' I said' I don't know. And then my mommy said' Most of the time its never locked. I said' I don't know' I said it as i was walking out the door. My mommy said as she was following me' Where betty?' I said' asleep as i was getting in the car.On the way home i did not say a lot' I kept thinking about aunt betty kissing like she has been doing lately and telling me she loves.I don't understand aunt betty' One minute she tell me she loves me and the next minute she is yelling at me.My mommy looked over at me and said' What's wrong pam? I said' nothing. And then she said' You look like something is on your mind. I said' No.And then my mommy said' I start day shift tomorrow so i well pick you up when i get of work. I said' But mommy can you pick up later' I wanted to go over mandy's tomorrow. And she said' You touch twelfe year olds know pam i am getting tried of going home and then leaving again. Then I said in a whining voice' mommy please! And she said' Pam! you need to start coming home more often when i am home at nights. I said in crying way' But mommy' I well' Please let me go over to mandy's tomorrow.And then my mommy said' Quit acting like a big baby! Your almost thirteen year old! I said' Whatever!! And then my mommy said' Young lady don't you talk to me like that! And then i said' Like what!! And then she said' Like that! Your not to old for me to spank your ass!! And then i said' Yell right!! And then my mommy said' You don't sexy twelve years old think so!! I did not say anything after that. And then my mommy said' You just keep it up and you well see your not to old for me to spank your ass!!!And then she said' So did you have fun at the park with aunt betty? And i said in a hateful way' I guess!! And then she said' I told you to not talk to me like that! you won't go any where in a week if you keep it up! I just folded my arms in and gave her a mean look.About that time we where pulling in to the drive way' And then my mommy said as she was putting the car in to park' I am getting tried of this back talk! And like i said! your not to old for a spanking!And then i got out of the car and slammed the car door. And then my mommy said' Keep it up and you well see!!!Its been a long time since my mommy was this mad at me' I think she had other things on her mind. I really did not do that much to piss her off.And then i thought about my mommy spanking me' It was kind of turning me on' I mean it turn aunt betty on when i spanked her' Maybe that's why i was getting a little turn on about it. I mean it turn me on a little when i was spanking angie a little. I mean i never like to get spankings. But now after i spanked aunt betty that day and i spanked angie a little' I wanted to get a spanking again and see what was all the fuss about. I mean aunt betty was really turn on that day i spank her. But do i really want to get my mommy mad enough to spank me. I just did not know. I mean she might ground me instead of spanking me. I thought" I have to think about this.Well i stood there with my arms folded in and with a mad look on my face while my mommy unlocked the front door. After she walked in' I went straight to my bedroom and slammed the door. And then i heard my mommy yell out' Don't be slamming the doors!! I thought' Fuck you!I went and turned the t.v. on and jump on my bed and watched t.v. for awhile. And then after a while i thought' I really made her mad' But do i want to make her mad a enough to spank me' I just did not know if i wanted to go that far. I mean i did want to get a spanking and see if it would turn me on. So i thought. Why not' But what do i do to get my mommy to spank me. So i thought' I well go out there and be piss off and back talk her' But i hope i don't get grounded instead. First i took off my jeans and looked in the dresser to find me some shorts' I figure if mommy spanks me she can get to my butt a lot better with out my jeans. So i picked me out some yellow thin elastic band shorts. I put those on and walked out of the bed room.My mommy was on the sofa watching t.v. I notices that she had changed in to her 13year nude girl blue nightgown' The one with the low top' Where if she non-nude 16 year old barely bents over you can see all of her breasts.I just gave her 13 year teen porn a bad look and went to the kitchen and open the refrigerator. And then my mommy said' Are you hungry. I did not answer her and then she said' Did you eat naked teens 10 year dinner over there. I still did not answer her' Instead i slammed the refrigerator. And then she jump up and said' What did i tell you about slamming shit!!!I just looked at her and said! I don't teens 17 years naked care!! And she said' You well care if i spank your ass!! I said' Right!! And then she jump up really fast and went in to the bed room' I thought' Why did she go in to the bed room.And then she come out with a belt' I thought' Oh shit! I did not think about her getting the belt out' I was thinking she would turn me over on her knee like i did aunt betty.And then i just stood there getting scared' And then when she got to the kitchen' I started to cry. And then she grab my arm and started to spank my ass with the belt while she held my arm. I was trying to put my hand back there' But she was hitting that to' And she would say' More your hand! She spank my ass really good and said' Now get to your room and stay there!!I was running to my room crying and i heard her say' If you back talk me again i well spank your ass again!!!I went to my room crying and i slammed the door again with out even thinking' And then i could hear her foot steps coming towards the door' I thought oh shit!! And then she opened it really fast and i jump on my bed and she said' You want me to spank your ass again!!!I was crying while i was saying noo!!! I am sorry!! I did not mean it!!! No!! No!! It hurt! it hurt!! And 16 year porn then she said' No more!!! And then she slammed the door and i sit on my bed crying.I thought to myself' This really backfired!! I did not think about the belt!! And then i thought' Well at lest' I did not get grounded. That would hurt me more if i could not go over to my friends.I laid in bed for a good hour panting and crying' I thought 15years old girls porns that really hurt. And then my mommy open the door really slow and i just turn over on my stomach really fast. And then i felt my mommy sit on the side of the bed. And then i felt her hand on the back of my heard stroking my hair. And then i heard her say in a real low sweet voice' pam baby' 14years girls nude I am sorry i had to spank you' Mommy don't like to have to do that' And then she went on to say' Mommy sorry. I just laid on my stomach and started whimpering.And then i said' It hurts! And mommy said' What hurts sweetie' I said while i was whimpering' my butt. And then mommy said' Mommy sorry' But you asked for it' I thought to myself' maybe i can get my mommy to rub lotion on my butt.And then i said it again' It hurts mommy! And my mommy said' I did not think i spanked xxxpics 16 year pussy you that hard' And then i felt my mommies hand left up the bottom of my shorts and then she said' It is a little red' But i don't see no welts.And then i said whimpering why' Can you rub lotion on it. And then my mommy said' Ok sweetie' I well go and get it. I looked around and seen my mommy leave the room and when she did i pulled down my shorts alone with my panties' and laid back down and laid my arms at my side.It was no big deal for my mommy to see my nude butt' She seen it a hundred times before. I thought' I am really going to enjoy this' my mommy rubbing lotion on my butt.And then in a few minute i heard mommy coming back in to the room' I think she stop at the doorway a few second. I did not turn around to see' But i just felt like she did. And then my mommy sit on the side of the bed' And my hand that was down by my side was barely touching her leg. She had one foot on the floor and her knee was bent in when she sit on the bed.And then she said in a tremble voice' And then i heard the lotion squirt out and then i felt her hand rubbing the side of my butt cheek' Oh it felt good her rubbing the cold lotion on my butt. And then i felt her hand go across to the other side of my butt cheek. She scooted her hand right across my bottom to get to the other butt cheek. And then i heard her say in a tremble voice' Does that feel.....better.I said still whimpering' It still hurts' more lotion mommy. And then i felt her squirt more lotion on my butt and she started to rub more around. This time she was rubbing back and forth to each butt cheek. And i could hear her start to breath more rapidly. And then with out even thinking i started to spread my legs out more' I did not realizes it until i did it. And then i started to feel her fingers just barely touching the sides of my butt crack. I was starting to get wet. I did not want her ever to stop. And then I heard her clear her voice and she said' Pam' does it still hurt.I said in my whimpering voice' yessss. And then she said' Ok mommy well rub longer. She was rubbing back and forth' And i kept feeling her fingers touching more and more on the insides of my butt crack. Oh it felt so good! And then i felt her fingers 14years porn galeries start to rub down the inter side of my thigh and then back up again to my butt. And then she would go back down again' But each time she would get closer to my little pussy. And then as she was going back down to the inter side of my thigh' I open my legs up more and bent my knee out. And then she just stop and jump up real fast and said' that's good pam' I turned around to look at her' And her face was all red' And then she looked at me and said' lets go to bed' its late.Then i said' mommy! it still hurts! And she said' sweetie' It can't still hurt. I said' it does in a whining way. And then i said' Please rub more mommy please! And then my mommy said' Pam' you need to take a bath and get ready for bed. And then i said in a whining way' But mommy i took a bath over aunt betty's. And then she said' Well i need to soak in the water and relax and go to bed myself' And then i said all excited like' Mommy can i soak with you!! And my mommy said' pam you need to go 13 year-old sex photos to bed' I have to get up and go to work and you have school in the morning' and you said you had a bath over aunt betty's. And then i turned over real fast on my back and i seen my mommy's eyes go right down to my crotch and then she turned her eyes away real fast and said' Pam you need to go to sleep. And then i said in a whimpering way' mommy it still hurt!! please rub more! please mommy!!!And while i was saying that i was turning back over on my stomach again. And then i felt my mommy sit back down on the bed the same way she was' And this time my hand was right against her leg. And then my mommy said as she was getting the lotion again' Oh pam' it still can't hurt that bad. I said in a whining way. Yesss' it hurts!! And then i felt my mommy's hand back on my butt rubbing lotion all over it again' Oh it felt good again having her hand back on my bottom. And then i said' Mommy please let me soak in the tub with you' It well make my hurt go away' please mommy!!My mommy cleared her throat and said as she was rubbing my butt real nice and slow' Ok can. I had a big smile on my face. And then i open up my legs again hoping my mommy well start rubbing up and down my inter thigh like she did before.And then i started feeling my mommy's hand go down my inter thigh again and back up' It seem like she got real close to my pussy. I just knew she could see my open little slit. free porn 18 years And i hope it was turning her on. I kept hearing her breathing really fast and it seem like she was trying to fight from breathing so heavily. And then i thought to myself' I really want to touch my mommy. But what if she gets mad' and jumps up real fast. And then i had a good ideal' So real slow i put my hand on my mommy's thigh and said as i started to tickle her' I said' 12 years old porn Mommy can your use your finger nail like this' I was rubbing my finger nails real slow and nice over my mommy's thigh. And then i felt 13 years porno sexs her start to use her finger nails over my butt' OH! it felt so nice!And then i said' I like that mommy. 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She would run her finger tips up and down right next to my butt crack. Sometime i would feel her finger tips touch the inside of my butt crack when she went to butt cheek to butt cheek. But i did have my legs spread out more. And then i moved my fingers down more where i was barely touching her panty line' And then i moved them back up. It made me scared when i touch her panty porno 14-15 years video line. But she did not say anything. So real slow i did it again' and then moved it away again. I wanted to turn my head around and look at my mommy's face and see the reaction on her face' Because i can just about tell by looking at her face if she was getting turn on' that's because of looking at aunt betty's face when she is turn on. But i was afraid to turn around to see. I had my head this time face down.And then i moved my fingers back down to her panty lines and kept my finger there. I was probable inches away from touching my mommy's pussy. I was to scared to move my fingers. I just stay like that for a few minute' Meanwhile my mommy kept running her fingers back and forth to each butt cheek' And sometimes i well feel her fingers go down again to my intro thigh' and then back up again. And then i closed my eyes and real slowly i turned my head to my side where i was laying on the side of my face. But i kept my eyes closed. Because i did not want my mommy to see me looking at her. I kept my eyes closed a few minutes and then i just barely open them where i could see my mommy face. And i noticed that her mouth was open and her eyes was glue to my butt' And i know she was looking right at my little pussy to.I just watch her for awhile with my eyes half closed. I was surprise that mommy did not say this is a enough. I think she was really getting turn on. After a few more minute i started to move one of my fingers around the outer line of my mommy's panties. And then i seen her look at me' but she could not tell that i was looking at her because i had my eyes squirted. And then i seen her look down at where my fingers where' she just kept staring down there while i rubbed my finger tip barely over her panty line. I could not believe i was doing that. But while she was looking there she still kept running her finger tip up and down my intro thigh. I think she lost concentration. Because she just kept going back and forth on the same spot And then I figure i might as well go a little farther. I could not believe i had gone this far all ready. I was all ready almost touching her pussy. So real slow i moved my finger where i could feel her pubic hairs through her panties. And she still just kept looking down at my hand with her mouth open a little. I did see her lick her lips a few times' but i figure her mouth was really dry. I know mine was. And then i started to move my finger tip around in circles at the same spot.She just kept looking at me and back where my hand was. I thought any minute she is going to put a cheerleader yearbook photo stop to this. I don't know why' But all of a sudden i started to get a little scared about all of this' I could not believe how far fuck girl 13 years i have gone with this. But i wanted so bad to move my finger right over her pussy and start to feel my mommy's pussy. And then i could not help it! It was like something took over. I was not even thinking any more!And then i did the unthinkable' I moved my fingers right over her pussy' And started to rub my mommy's pussy real slow over her panties. I could feel the heat from her pussy. And naked 12 years girl then she looked at me and looked back down again' And i just kept rubbing real slow up and down. And then all of a sudden she took her preeteens 10 years hand away from my butt' And i thought she was getting ready to move my hand away. But she just looked down at my hand and i still kept rubbing up and down real slow. I was starting to feel 16 years nude moistures through her panties. I kept rubbing and 14 years teen fucking rubbing real slow. And then then i started to push my finger in to her pussy through her panties. I heard her gasp a little. I felt her push in to my finger a little. I just held my finger deep in there and started moving it around. I could feel her panties getting wetter and wetter. My mommy just kept looking down at my hand. And then without even thinking' I started to move my finger in to the 14 year old pics inside of her panties from the side. And as soon as my finger touched her wet pussy' She got up really fast and walked out of the room.I thought' oh no!! What did i do! I could not believe i went that far! I thought! Oh what is my mommy thinking!If only she would not of left the room and let me keep rubbing her pussy' And i know everything would of been all right. I thought' Is she thinking that i touch aunt betty to! I just did not know what to think!I pulled up my panties and shorts and sit up on the side of the bed. I just did not know what to do' Should i go in there and face her' What if she sex 15 years foto says something about it. I was really scared! And then i stood up and walked to the door really slow' When i got to the door i seen mommy walking toward the bathroom' She looked at me 12-year old asian nudes and i just did not know what to say' My eyes went down to the floor. And then she said' I am going to take a bath. And then she walked in to the bathroom and shut the door.I went back in to my bedroom and turned of the light' And crawled underneath the covers. I felt like i wanted to die! I started to cry' I could not believe this happen' I thought' Why did i do that.I laid there and almost feel asleep' But i had to pee really bad' And i know my mommy was still taking a bath. And we only had one bathroom. 8 year sex porn I could of peed a little in my panties' but i only do that over aunt betty's' Only aunt betty knows i pee my panties. So i got up and walked to the bathroom door' I stood there a few minutes thinking' Should i go in there and pee. I don't know if i can face mommy right now' What if she starts to bring up what happen. And then i thought' Maybe she well just forget about what happen' Maybe she thought i feel a sleep and i was dreaming. And then i thought as i was starting to do the pee dance' I well just say' I was asleep and i don't remember what happen if she brings it up.So real slow i started to open up the door' I did it real quit' because i was really scared' And then i started to walk in real quit' I looked at mommy in the bathtub and she was laying back with her eyes closed and her hand between her legs masturbating real slow! She had her feet on top of the sides of the tub with her head back in the water. I could hear her breathing hard and her fingers where going in and out of her pussy hole!I did not know what to do' I started to walk back to the door and then i must of made enough noise to get her attention. Her head pop up and she moved her hand away real fast and said' pam' what is it. I stood there and said in a whining why' I have to pee! And she sit up and said' ok. Then i run over to the toilet and pulled down my shorts alone with my panties and sit down to pee' As soon as i did i was peeing.I thought to myself' My mommy did not yell at me like aunt betty does. I looked over at my mommy and she porn teen 14 years laid back down in the tub. I noticed how big and hard my mommy's nipples where. My mommy must of really be turned on. I wanted so badly to get in the tub with her. I thought as i was almost done peeing' What if i just say my butt still hurt and i want to get in the tub' And then i thought' What if she brings up about what happen. And then i thought' Well she is acting like nothing happen anyway' And if she does bring it up' I well just stick with what i thought earlier.So then after i got done peeing i stood up with my shorts down alone with my panties and faced her and said with my hands holding my shorts down acting like i was getting ready to pull them up and said real fast in a whining way' Mommy my butt still hurts' can i get in the tub with you!My mommy looked at me and i seen her eyes go straight to virgin teen 12-15 year my pussy and then she looked up at me and did not say anything right away. It looked like she was thinking really hard about this. And then she said in a trembling voice' I guess....pam.And then as i was taking off my cloths my mommy was scooting back up in the tub to gave me room. And then i step in the tub with my back to 14 years young pornmovie my mommy and bent down for a second where mommy could get a good look at my butt before i sit down between her legs. After i got all comfortable' I said without even thinking' because it was on my mind' I said' Mommy i can not believe i fell asleep when you was rubbing my butt. And then mommy said' Oh really. She did not say it like' OH! really!! She just said it in a 70 years pussy real nice voice.And then i said all exited like' Mommy can i get more hot water' I did not wait for her to answer 16 years old tgp me' I reached for the hot water and turn it on. And i then i said' We got teen sex 15 years hot water mommy!I 17 years mpeg xxx know' I talk like a big baby around my mommy. But that's how i got my way a lot with my mommy.After i let the hot water run for awhile i turned it off' And mommy was lean back again the tub relaxing with her legs spread out. That's probable because i porn xxx 16 years took her knees and pushed them out without even thinking. So i scooted more down between her legs where i was against her crotch. I did not turn around to look and see if she was surprise are not' Because it was not the first time i lean in to her crotch. And it did feel good having her pussy touching my lower back side. I did start moving around a porn 13 years gallery lot acting like a big baby and talking like a big baby and splashing in the water.I was saying things like '!!...mommeee!!! And then i started to move around more' I was pushing myself harder in to 15 year nudists her crotch. And then i head her moan a little when i did it. And then i felt her pelvis push in to me. And then i just thought of something' I thought' Mommy is not really talking to me' usually when we take a bath together' Mommy is always talking to me and saying thing like' hurry up pam and wash yourself' it about time to get out 16 years teen fuck of here. She just was not talking. And then i thought' She must be thinking about when i touched her on her mind' That had to be it.Well then i thought' I well see if i can get my mommy to talk to me' So i raised my arms up over my head and leaned back against my mommy and i put my arms around the back of her nick and pushed the back of my head against her breast and tilted my head upward and said in a baby way' Mommy! mommy! I am sorry i was a bad girl today' I am sorrrrry!! And then i she finally said in a trembling voice' Its...ok.....pam. And then i said still in my baby way' Mommmeee I won't doooo it again. And then i said' I love youuuu mommmy.And then i scooted up more and tilted my head sideways waiting for a kiss on the cheek. And then my mommy said in a trembling voice' she said' kept moving my nick back and forth hoping she would kiss me on the side of the face. And then i turned the side of my face to her again and said' mommee!! I love you! And she said in her trembling voice' to pam. And then she kissed me on the side of the face and i felt one arm go across my breast and the other arm go across my stomach and she started to hold me real tight.While all this was going on' I did not realizes i was moving around so much. I was started to teens 14 years galleries feel her pushing upward with her pelvis on my lower back. And she just held me like this. And then i put my arms to my side in to the water and she started to side down more in to the water' While she was doing that i was siding upward where my butt was right between her legs. I could feel her pubic hairs touching my butt and she was starting to push her pelvis upward on my butt. We just stay like that.I was enjoying this! I could not believe this was happening' especial what happen earlier. She held me tight not saying a word. I could feel her pushing harder and harder on me. And i could her hear breathing getting harder and harder' She was talking deep breaths and letting it out again. And i just laid there pushing down on my butt in to 15 year old nude her pussy. I could also feel her arm pushing tight against my little breast. And i could feel her other arm holding me tight across my stomach. And then finally i said' Mommieee! I love you! And then she 14years old sex video said in a youngest nude 15 years gasping way' then i felt her kiss the side of my face again' but this time her kiss lasted a little longer. And then i started to feel her rocking real slow while she was pushing upwards on my butt' The rocking was getting faster and faster! I just knew my mommy was getting ready to cum! I know all of this my now from my aunt betty. And then i felt her arm that was across my stomach move down a little. I was hoping she would place her hand over my pussy. But her hand stop right above my pubic.She was pushing up and down and rocking back and forth! Sometimes she would push upwards and just stop and hold herself like that and then rock me back and forth. Then i started to feel her cum! 18 year old anal My mommy was cumming!! She was gasping load and she was breathing out her noise and making this weird sound out her noise' I could feel her wiggling underneath me and pushing upwards and then she just stop and then she started to shake! And then i felt one more last push upward and one more wiggle and it was over with. I could feel the pressure if her letting lose of me after she had her cum.I just closed my eye and play like i went to sleep. But my mommy know i did not go to sleep. Hell she knew i wasn't asleep when i touched her pussy earlier. My mommy was not dumb!We just laid still like that for awhile until i felt my mommy trying to scoot up' And then her first word after it was all over with' Pam you need to get up and get to bed. I lifted myself up and while i was doing that she was scooting 14-16 years porn her self up more and i scooted my butt around a little and put my arms around her waist and said in a baby way' Mommmmmy!! can i sleep with you tonight. She just put her arm around my nick and said in a trembling voice' I...don't...know honey. And then i said' Please!!! my butt still hurts. And then mommy kiss me on the head and said' pam' come on lets get out of the tub.I looked thirteen year old porn up at her again and said' Please let me sleep with you!! And then she said' Come on pam! lets gets out of the tub!With that i stood up and i know my mommy was naked 14 year olds looking right at my crotch' And when i step out of the tub i jut knew she was staring right at my butt. After i got out i dried myself off and mommy grab her towel out of the cabinet and started to dry herself off. I was done before mommy' So i started to put the same cloths back on' And as i was' I was washing mommy dry off. She dried her self off a lot better fourteen year old pussy then i did. And then i watched her slip her night grown over her head' She did not put the same panties back on. I thought' Maybe my mommy well go to bed with out her black 16 year porno panties. But she probable well put clean ones back on after she gets to her bed room. And then my mommy looked at me said' Pam you need to get to bed. I said' mommmy! please let me sleep with you! please! She just looked at me for a second and said' I guess.And then i run and jump in to her bed with of my cloth on and mommy went to the kitchen. I think she went to take her sleepy pill. While she was gone' I pulled my top off and shorts off and threw it next to the bed. But i left my panties on. I think mommy would really freak out if i was in bed nude. And i was horny then hell to. It really turn me on when i made my mommy cum.I was feeling a lot better about all that had happen. Because i know i made mommy cum' And she knew what she was doing. But she is acting like nothing happen. But to me that was a good thing' Because i don't want her to talk to me about what i did.I started hearing mommy walking down the hallway' So i cover up and scooted in the middle of the bed' That way i can sleep right next to mommy. As soon as i heard her come in the room i closed my eyes and turn over to face her when she did get in to bed.My mommy did walk over to the dresser drawer and got her some clean panties. She sit on the side of the bed and when she pulled them up she stood up to get them all the way on and i got a good look at her butt. And then she walked over to turn the lights off and then she crawled in to bed next to me. But she turn over and said' night night pam' Mommy loves you. I said' I love you to mommy. End of part 16comments are welcome at If you want me to keep going' let porn 15 year foto me know.
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